The Collective Dreams of September 23 and 24, 2016

knightsofreveryThank you to all the wonderful guests who attended September 23rd’s and 24th’s Revery and revelry and thanks to Ohmega Salvage, Lady O’Peabody, Elder Lord Fauntleroy, Brian Matthew Livingston, Casey, Kim Lembo, Reed Burkhart, and many, many others..

On the 23rd of September 12016 (see Holocene Calendar) we explored the self-reflective noble gas with some shaking like a polaroid picture while our space oddity sat in its tin can wanting more from the flow and containment of water while translations of Sintax sent a breeze through the erotic landscape of third knuckles oh and the gyrating Mushroom talked to his analyst the Dragon about volcanic aspirations and the Queen of Dreams told us to love and live with grace. Well, that’s an appetizer version of our delectable collective feast. Every night is unique. That is guaranteed.


And a taste of how it went on September 24, 12016… We are particles and dolphins with up and down spin, free to choose, going through ch-ch-ch-changes and your junk is treasure and I treasure your junk munch munch munch go the rolly pollies on the family underground said Sintax and the Queen of Dreams sings the ancient song aka the Bohemian Rhapsody of crickets the holy moment of the crickets the holy moment of the crickets and edelweiss will grow stronger than uber and airbnb while a polar bear advocates for his people and the consumption of magical mushrooms don’t get stuck in the hole just say yes whisper words of wisdom let it be let it be let it be.