Shows on October 21 and 22. In Halloween spirit, costumery encouraged, but not necessary!

Sir Pomp (Robert Wyald) and Sir Psycho (Daniel Smith) trying to avoid the paparazzi (thanks, Schmootography).
Sir Pomp (Robert Wyald) and Sir Psycho (Daniel Smith) trying to avoid the paparazzi (thanks, Schmoo Photography).

Firstly, a hearty thank you to all who came out to our sold out debut shows in September. We had a grand time together! Matt S. wrote in,

“You both created a real imaginarium the other night. I haven’t laughed so hard in quite a while—and the veil between our usual consensus reality and many more possible takes on the stuff of life was wonderfully thinned: now that’s a royal twofer. I very much look forward to your next round of revelry. Magic. Bravo.”

And now we have 2 more shows in October where, in the spirit of Halloween, we do encourage dressing up for the night if you like (no need to, of course—only if it fills you with delight)…

Welcome, welcome, welcome! The Knights of Revery welcome one and all*! Sir Psycho and Sir Pomp (as channeled through Daniel Smith and Robert Wyald) amuse ourselves and others by journeying between the realms of the conscious and unconscious, between fact and fiction, between here and now, between our creamy peanut butter and your smooth jelly. Please join us in a tender, delicately rough, delightful, slightly unpredictable experience of late night play and dreamery. A show. An experience. A party. Interact. Move. Dance. Put periods at the ends of short sentences. Imagine all of these in a swirling whirling chocolate and very cherry cordial. Put a spoonful of it in your mouth. Savor. You will leave knowing more people than when you arrived, and perhaps more about yourself.

Each evening will be unique. Come to one or both on Friday October 21 and Saturday October 22, 2011 at Viracocha in San Francisco starting at 8:30pm. Doors open at 8:00pm. Only 50 spots each night. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! (in a quick and firm, non-stressful, belief in abundance, yet do it now sort of way.)

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Recently and reverently ever-after yours,

Sir Psycho and Sir Pomp

*Adults are open to bringing their inner child; your real child, however, may learn all too quickly about inappropriate language and the naughty bits of life.