A Hearty Thank You!

Sir Pomp, Constance, Patty, and Sir Psycho posing after September 24 show

Well, well, well… Our debut in San Francisco. What a glorious delight! You are all so lovely. Thank you to our friends, new friends, and fans for providing us with two magical sold out debut evenings. We were all in it together, as it should be. Please send in your photographs and moving pictures if you’d like.

We kneel to all of you, our supportive friends, family, teachers, species, Mother Nature. Thank you to Jill and Chris Eickmann of Leela for the introduction, Sandra of Balompie Cafe (San Francisco) for the sustenance, Ellie Assadollahi of Uni Tailor (Berkeley) for the threads, Ella Mental for the volumes of drawings, Ann Garvin of DSG Studios for the space, and our gracious host, Viracocha for beauty and kindness. Also, we must admit we would be unable to do what we do without Apple, Yelp, Amazon, Google, Toyota, Facebook, Bluehost, Hershey’s, Target, Ace Hardware, Eventbrite, some people in China, and Windsor Bicycles. Giants have feelings too. And thank you to all the things we didn’t even know we needed to thank. Your silent contributions are silently appreciated.